Friday, August 28, 2009

Squish Squash - Round 2

Here are some initial sketches of Mr. Squish. I was watching my mouse, Cookie Monster, explore her habitat and groom herself, so I couldn't help but draw some inspiration pieces of Mr. Squish. He is a warm blooded critter who looks like a reptilian of sorts, but acts more like a rodent.

I started to model Mr. Squish's head in Maya today!
I am sooo excited, I can't wait to see him move...
(these are just rough, rough, rough beginning by the way... I will post the complete and finished model once it is ready!)

And here we have an animatic with music for your viewing pleasure!
It's a little different from the boards in the last post and there will still be tweaks to the shots as I go along. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Squish Squash - Round 1

This shows my boarding process for story ideas.
First I board out all the major detail, with camera movement ideas and the basic layout and composition for each shot.
Then after this will follow an animatic, so we can see the story in motion.
This particular story is my thesis idea I'm pitching.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inside Joke, Sorry....

I project of epic proportions.
A collaboration piece between myself and my boy.
I did the opening animated scene.
The rest is all thanks to the master of abstract projects, Turkish Delight.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dante Part. 2

Color studies for Dante and his apartment.
Sometimes it is just doesn't pay to be old-fashioned.
So, ta ta, Dante! It was nice working with you...

Dante Part.1

Another thesis pitch that I did not go with:
Dante the Italian immigrant to America in the early 1900's.
Just some character deign and set design work.
Color studies will come in "Dante Part. 2"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Like Me! Mostly...

The sun just came out and I feel good.
Much better than yesterday, oh man, what a horrible night's rest....

So as a little present, here is a caricature of myself, in 3D.
With a little movie.

(Above) A shout out to my boy on my shirt, if you can see it.
The tree suddenly turned white and chrome like. Strange....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Master Minds Need Not Apply

So I just read on the news that some pathetic chum blamed his cat for some racy illegal stuff he downloaded. Excerpt from article, "According to a sheriff's report Friday, Griffin told investigators that his cat jumped on the computer keyboard while he was downloading music. He said he had left the room and found "strange things" on his computer when he returned."

Now... I've blamed the cat and even the dog on many things when I was a kid.
But when you are caught with something like that... I mean, come on.
Don't make it worse than it has to be.

I just wanted to rant a little, but I don't want to link the article. Too disgusting to even type.
But I did imagine this guy's cat, and all cat's everywhere, setting up elaborate schemes to get rid of their owners....

Pharaoh Phollies

Character exploration for a senior thesis idea.
He was inspired by Sherman, but he is no where near as cool as Sherman.
Sorry Pharaoh, you didn't make the cut.

For some reason I just like taking the humps off of camels' backs.

A Deathly Day for Fruit

This just shows off my light and texturing skills back in Sophomore year. Was a very fun project because I love spooky themes!

The objects were given to us pre-made, so I did not model them. But I had to set up the scene and landscape and texture everything.
There is also a short video that shows a night time setting as well!

And here is a random still life from Sophomore year of some fruit, just for fun!
Again, the models were given to me but I had to set up the scene and texture each piece.